Success Stories

web14.jpgTypically, the measure of success is whether the child has acquired skills sufficiently to benefit from their home school districts services. However, parents of children also measure success in other ways. Parents call KcATC when their child has his first sleepover, or gets invited to a birthday party, participates in his first school concert, or reports that he has a best friend. The social skills programming at KcATC is pivotal to achieving these milestones that parents of typical children take for granted.

Each student’s success is measured differently. Three students are now in general education classrooms in their home district. One student engaged in self-injury at rates over 400 times per day. Our services produced a reduction to 0-10 times per day; when he returned to his home school district, these low rates maintained.

Another student who began services at 7 years old made over two years progress in reading and math in one year and learned to print. While decreasing rates of aggression and property destruction, we provided superior educational programming to ensure that the child was at grade level when he transitioned from KcATC.