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Please consider supporting KcATC and our 2020 Annual Campaign. In our response to COVID, we have continued to provide exceptional ABA services to our clients. However, we have also made the difficult, but necessary, decision to postpone our annual Gala. The funds raised at this event are vital to our organization, and its postponement will have a major impact. We need the community's support now more than ever before. Follow the link below to learn more about our center and the amazing work we do, and please consider making a donation at www.kcatc.org/annualcampaign.





We would like to thank KMBC 9, KCWE, and each and every one of our generous donors who made our 9/29 Giving Tuesday such a success! Thank you!




An important message from the Kansas City Autism Training Center Board of Directors:

As a community we must come together with compassion, understanding and unwavering focus to confront and address racial inequality and injustice.

There exists a long and tragic history of hate crimes, bias and violence in our country. This is unacceptable. Although we have made progress, the senseless and avoidable deaths earlier this year of several Americans of color remind us of how far we have yet to go.

In response to these deaths, and the many before them, our country seems to have reached a tipping point. Every major social change in this country — abolition, suffragism, civil rights, ending the Vietnam war, LGBTQIA rights — has involved protests, people coming together and speaking with one voice to demand change. Recent demonstrations highlight frustration and a long-simmering anger about a lack of progress in addressing systemic racism. As a society, we have done too little for too long, and that must change.

Racism and bias have no home at KcATC, a place where we care about each other. We believe in the promise of equality and the power of compassion.

Together, we are working toward a more equitable future. Only together can we work to repair the frayed social fabric of our society and instill the sense of opportunity, equity and fairness that too many of our community members lack today.  We invite our employees, our students and families, and our neighbors to have open discussions with us about the need for and the opportunity to affect positive change.




With great thought and preparation, the Kansas City Autism Training Center is open and providing services to children with CDC-recommended health protocols in place.   We are providing center-based, in-home and telemedicine services to families.  The safety of our students, their families and our staff is of the highest priority.   As we work our way through this pandemic, normalcy and our full capacity to serve families will return again, but until this happens we ask for the community's support.  We need you now more than ever before.




Learn more about our organization by watching the video below:

The Kansas City Autism Training Center is committed to helping people on the autism spectrum fulfill their potential through ethical, evidence-based treatment, education, and training.


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