Astra Day School

AstraLogo.pngAs the day school program of KcATC, Astra Day School provides a solid, scientific culture of trained learning specialists and a core belief that every child has the right to learn to their greatest potential. Astra’s close ties to behavioral science lead to a unique focus on reinforcement and motivation for every student.  All programming is assent-based, meaning that learners are not coerced into participation; teachers stay alert to levels of participation, which leads to high-interest lessons.

Astra Day School is a service provided by KcATC which offers intensive one-on-one therapy to children on the autism spectrum, as well as two preschool classrooms which enroll both typically developing students and students with special needs.

Astra uses the Early Accelerated Student Education (EASE) program for language, literacy and numeracy, which provides explicit teaching of language as a tool for thinking, problem solving and understanding the world. Reading and numeracy are taught using methods that move beyond rote memorization of letters and boring counting exercises. Low student-to-teacher ratios ensure consistent instruction for both high-achieving students and more fragile learners, so that individual students receive the amount of personalized attention required to learn, rather than the amount of attention allotted to them through state regulatory guidelines. At Astra, students are guided towards the principles of empathy, kindness, and friendship.

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