Board of Directors

The Kansas City Autism Training Center is a fully incorporated and approved 501(c)3 charitable, not for profit organization. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The names, vocations and committees served of the present board members are:


Ronald L. Johnson, Executive Director
Johnston Fiss Insurance, Prairie Village, KS
(816) 536-9107

Gary Hall, President, Board of Directors
Hall Family Foundation
(913) 339-6260

Katie Worthington
Secretary, Board of Directors
Worthington Employer Solutions, LLC
(913) 909-2936

Tiffany Roberts
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Keller Williams, Key Partners
(816) 419-5193

General Membership Sitting on Board of Directors:

Linda S. Heitzman-Powell, Ph.D., BCBA
University of Kansas Medical Center
(913) 945-6604

Tim Everson
(913) 568-0448

Paul Pautler
Partner, Husch Blackwell
(816) 983-8259

Rob Hughes
(816) 225-9019

Kim Galbraith
Senior Executive
(913) 269-0868