Show Us Some Love

February is "Show Us Some Love" Month!

Please click here to visit our day school (Astra Day School) and simply click a few buttons to help our students and staff earn valuable incentives:

The incentives!

As we gather points, the following incentives have been sponsored or donated for our students, staff, or both:

  • @1000 points; we will be donated a pizza party for our staff and kids at Astra Day School by a local pizzeria (sponsor in negotiation)!

  • @2000 points; the Kansas City Autism Training Center staff will be treated to a happy hour by Ron Johnson!

  • @3000 points; Astra Day School will be hosted by award-winning Peeper Ranch for a guided field trip of equine elegance!

  • @4000 points; massage chairs will descend upon Astra Day School as two independent masseuses volunteer chair massages to kids and staff for a special, relaxing day!

  • @5000 points; all of Astra Day School will pack up for a field trip to a local bouncy house for a full-school, etc. (more details as the location of the donation come through)....

  • @6000 points; Priscilla Howe, storyteller and puppeteer, will provide an exclusive visit to Astra Day School for meet and greet, classroom visits, and a full 45 minute show for students, family and friends at the end of the day!

  • @7000 points; a full-school return engagement to Overland Park's amazing Emerald City!

  • @8,000 points; staff will be treated to a Power-Play weekend afternoon, with team-building activities like Whirlyball, Laser Tag, "Cosmic Bowling", and other activities.

  • @10,000 points; local kids' supergroup, The Doo-Dads will perform an exclusive daytime concert live at Astra Day School for our students and their families, with special gifts, special rock-n-roll themed snacks, t-shirts, CDs, DVDs, and more!

Confirmed sponsors and donors (contact us if you'd like to be involved):

Priscilla Howe 

The Doo-Dads! 

Peeper Ranch 

Katie Garcia Body Worker 913.515.9320  Show Us Some LOVE!