Does ABA make the children act like robots?

No. A quality ABA program is designed for each individual and considers each child’s preferences and individual skill level when their curriculum is developed. ABA methods target a variety of skills including generalized responding and creative behavior. Thus, a quality program will teach children to respond in natural and creative ways.

Catherine Maurice, a mother of two children diagnosed with autism wrote a book describing her experience with autism and several treatments. Her two children were successfully treated with ABA methodology. The following quote is from her child, Anne-Marie’s pre-kindergarten teachers.

“… Anne-Marie is friendly and caring. She continues to make contact more easily with her peers and she is forming deeper relationships with them…. Anne-Marie feels close to her teachers and is sharing more of her thoughts with them now… Anne-Marie is a cooperative, helpful group member who has learned to take her share of responsibility ….Anne Marie is a capable child who is eager to learn. It’s a pleasure to see Anne-Marie feeling comfortable and relaxed in her school environment and actively enjoying our various group activities with her classmates…” (Maurice, p. 286).


Maurice, Catherine (1993). Let me hear your voice. A family’s triumph over autism. NY: Fawcett Columbine.