About KcATC

web11.jpgAutism is one of the most devastating disorders of early childhood, typically causing life long impairment in every aspect of a young person's development. Over 40 years of research has resulted in a treatment that radically changes that outcome for the better. These applied behavioral analytic techniques are not yet available to most children with autism. The KcATC promotes these state-of-the-art services and provides them to Kansas City area children and their families.

  1. Continued significant progress in achievement scores with children diagnosed with autism. An average increase of 33% in achievement scores using an Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills.
  2. Continued to expand the Kansas City Child Learning Center (KcCLC), an inclusive preschool for typically developing children ages 2 1⁄2 to 6, at the same site as the KcATC. KcCLC collaborates with KcATC to provide inclusion experiences for clients with autism that are tailored to the clients’ current repertoires. The KcCLC also provides teachers with models of typical child development. KcATC is the only organization delivering behavioral services to children with autism in the Kansas City area that has typical peer models present all day.
  3. Became a credentialed service provider with 5 (five) health insurance providers to provide evidence-based autism treatment. This accomplishment increases our ability to serve low-income families.
  4. Located and secured site to double space.  This increase in space will allow Center to increase capacity and provide treatment to more children and their families in the metro area.
  5. Started in-house credentialing and mentoring program for eligible Center staff to build additional capacity.